Welcome to the Limac Wiki

Hi. I am Limac. This is my wiki. Ask the page about anything about anything that has to do with gaming, movies, TV, etc (basically anything that had to do with media). My interests include Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Rockstar Games, etc. You can also answer other people's questions. I will also try to answer questions, however, be aware that other people may also answer your questions.

If this is your first time here, please read EVERYTHING below to make sure you know exactly what to do. 


The topic is only media, nothing else. I can really help with my interests shown above.

Examples of questions you can ask the page:

  • How many pokemon have they added in Generation IV?
  • How many cases are there in L.A. Noire?
  • Who is the main Character in Dragon Ball Z?
  • How many forms did Frieza have?
  • How many sagas are there in total in DBZ?

Also, there is obviously no limit to how many questions one person can ask or answer.

How to Ask/Answer Questions

There is a specific way for people to ask and answer questions. So there is a base page (e.g. Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, L.A. Noire, etc) where people should ask and answer questions about the topic on the page. As a community, we should have this wiki organised when asking/answering questions. For asking, you should select "Heading 2" under the paragraph format dropdown of the editing section. Enter your question here, and leave the bottom blank. For answering, find a question, and enter your answer below the question. Please make sure that when your answering your question, you put four tilde symbols below your answer, like this: ~ ~ ~ ~ (without the spaces, of course) This is so that the asker can identify the answerer if need be. Get started by creating a topic page, and asking a question there, or asking/answering a question on an existing topic page.

Rules (PLEASE follow these)

  • Please do not recreate an existing topic page/question. This may lead to confusion for people trying to get answers.
  • Please do not use vandaism or spam. This will lead to a warning if done the first time, 1-day ban for second time, and 1-year ban for third time.
  • Please do not say hurtful/mean things to others. This WILL lead to a 1-year ban first time or not (we take this VERY seriously, so please don't try it).
  • Please keep to the main topic (media), and nothing else. Keep in mind that if a page, question, or answer is off topic, it will be deleted.
  • Please make sure that the question you are asking is appropriate to the page you are posting it on. If there are any questions/answers that are off topic to the page or the question, they WILL be deleted.
  • Please make absolutely sure that you sign with four tildes (~ ~ ~ ~, but without the spaces) under your answer (this doesn't have to be for the question). If there are any answers without this, they WILL be deleted.
  • Please do not post disturbing media or underage content (e.g. pornography) that aren't suitable for minors on any page. Doing so will lead to a 1-year ban first time or not. This is very serious.
  • Failure to comply with any of these rules have consequences with them, so be careful.

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